Let’s take a moment… relax and ask yourself what would you like in your life that you feel is missing today? Take a breath. Imagine if you had that ‘thing’ in your life, how would it feel? Breathe again. Would you feel ecstatic, peaceful, happy…?

Now, come back to the feelings of where you see yourself as you are now – what do you see? Do you see a challenge in front of you? Do you feel satisfied or deflated…let’s fix this…slowly come back to yourself… now…consciously decide to open your mind…before you read on…

With all situations in life that we mightn’t feel too enthusiastic about, it takes a conscious effort to firstly recognize where we are and then consider deeply where we would like to be and this means undertaking changes in our lives no matter how it may challenge our ‘uncomfortable comfort zone.’ I have studied this for years, that is, how does change affect people and what is truly evident is, unless you foster a peaceful inner state, you won’t make decisions wisely and you may not reach the goal you have set yourself. The easiest way to get yourself into a receptive state is to be peaceful and accept that you will have to undertake change in your life.

Over the years of study and research into understanding the role of consciousness in our lives as humans, it really spoke loudly to me that in my own life, if I didn’t make changes I wouldn’t get anywhere both in my thinking and in my life overall. It was just this simple awareness that got me onto a path of self-discovery and exploration. My background is in the social sciences which gave me the base from which I could explore science and psychology and much more besides. This knowledge gave me the foundation to work from and create a method which has proven over and over again that it works and that it is possible to overturn seemingly unwelcome realized realties.

One of the feelings many experience is that emotion of feeling isolated and alone when situations or circumstances hit a vulnerable spot within. The truth is many individuals experience similar realities, but often it is not spoken about due to feelings of embarrassment, feelings of fear related to potential failure often resulting in self-esteem issues. Listen carefully, and believe me when I say this, when you take the courage to open up then you can change and, the unsurmountable blockage that faces you, often is immediately minimised because now you are in a receptive state to receive knowledge that can answer the problem you are facing.

The best gift you can give yourself is to have an open mind and be open to learning new things and through this adjustment, so much can happen over time. Change can take time, results might not happen overnight, but keep your head up and fill your time with new information and knowledge. Then what takes place happens first invisibly within your brain and body, as new neural pathways are created which is the seed of a new reality taking shape in preparation for its creation into the physical realm.

The Moran Method that I have established is a sure way to achieve change in your life in order to welcome in a new reality that you desire. It has to start within the inner realms first before the outer reality results in change. Creating A Permanent Peace of Mind is crucial and through this, clarity of mind and spirit is realized and guess what? A deep feeling of lasting pleasure and fulfilment will begin within as you allow change to take place in your life.

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