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“When James Anthony Moran takes the stage, he captures the hearts and attention of the audience by speaking authentically and in depth about how we can achieve that most cherished of goals, a Permanent Peace of Mind.”   

James Anthony is an insightful and engaging speaker that draws upon his own wealth of experience to teach others the principals of achieving a peaceful state that leads to a lasting transformation. Through his own ups and downs in life he offers real world insight and intrigue to every presentation he delivers. Each topic is presented in an easy to understand format with a touch of Irish humor that can be applied to everyday situations and circumstances in life.

Topics: Achieving a Permanent Peace of Mind Through The Moran Method; Healing & Sustenance Through the Natural World; Getting to Know Your Inner Intelligence; Recognizing That We Are All One.

All of the below are available as Keynotes, Masterclasses or Workshops.


Achieving a Permanent Peace of Mind Through The Moran Method

The Moran Method is based on how to balance four different worlds, the Spiritual World, the Soul World, the Physical World & the Virtual World. James Anthony will show how a deep state of inner peace is achieved once these worlds are in balance with each other.

Healing & Sustenance Through the Natural World

James Anthony through his own deep connection with the natural world will show how you are part of the natural world and the natural world is part of you. He will demonstrate how this deep connection can offer healing and sustenance.

Getting to Know Your Inner Intelligence

Did you know that there is an intelligence which is spiritual in nature residing in your physical body? James Anthony will share insights on how to develop a relationship with this intelligence. Through this you can achieve an inner state of peace and harmony.

Recognizing That We Are All One

All life is one and all human beings are one being experiencing life in its many facets. James Anthony will reveal that as we progress on our journey to discovering who we are, we will come to the realization that our everyday reality can be changed.

Permanent Peace of Mind James Anthony Moran

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