After listening the other evening to an interview given recently by eminent scientist/geologist Gregg Braden, (the link is at the end of this post) I was amazed at how science has predicted the times we live in now. Each of our life spans are so short compared with the life span of the planet that we inhabit, we as human beings tend to have short memories and therefore we lose our way in terms of understanding the cyclical nature of life. After much analysis it is now understood that we live in a critical period of transition from an ‘old world’ or otherwise described as ‘an old paradigm’ to a ‘new world’ or a ‘new paradigm.’ We are all now experiencing change the like of which we have never seen before and this is all down to changes in our environment leading to apparent crises in the economy, the environment/climate with the risk of continuing wars.

The old world was a place where everything was ordered. It was so well developed that most humans had a place and everyone knew their limits in terms of family, culture, society and religion. Here in Ireland, the doctor and the priest were seen as cornerstones in community life. The bank looked after and advised accordingly. If you even worked in the bank you were looked up to in many cases. Higher level education was for the top layer of society and the lower classes received basic education suited to their status. There was a clear division between the white collar worker and the lower or blue collar worker. Politics always towed the line, supplying welfare support, keeping the peace and giving free reign to what they thought were useful projects so as to keep the political system comfortably in place.

Since 2008 the economic downturn that shocked society then was the start of the immergence in people’s minds that there was change on the way, what we can now say would have been the formation of a new world. Technology advancements, changes in climate and work practices now mean that everything has been turned on its head. No longer do the cornerstones remain in their lofty positions, as individuals are becoming more aware of their rights, their sovereignty and their individuality. Knowledge now is freely available to those that search. People everywhere are feeling the change and many are bewildered and fearful.

Look at what the Brexit vote has done. It has shocked people all over the western world into really considering what may lie ahead. Every foundation that was laid in the last 100 years is now in question. Confidence is waning and the markets are affected by this apparent hit. The climate is not what it was, bursts of sun followed by deluges of rain in a time of the year that is described as ‘summer’?

You may be asking deep questions at this time regarding your own personal future. What I can tell you is this: life is cyclic in nature which means that what is being experienced now has happened in the distant past, so it is not new. We are all being asked now to take responsibility for our own lives in a co-operative manner, where we look after our environment and our own families and communities. War will not achieve anything, what is needed now is complete and total co-operation and this needs to take place at local levels before it impacts countries and nations as a whole. Always in times of chaos, amazing opportunities present themselves. It takes a keenly aware population to seize the opportunities.

In the interview I mentioned above, it was commented that there is so much good happening in our world and that because the mainstream media tends to pedal the negative all the time, we lose hope. I repeat, there is so much good happening in our world, that there is no need to lose hope. When you understand this, you have every reason to be confident in the future and not to partake in the fear mongering that pervades the atmosphere at the moment. If we as a species, begin to co-operate even in very small seemingly unimportant things, a new power will take hold. A new confidence will arise. Solutions will present themselves. Yes, there are stories reported of families who are on the brink of collapse as they are queuing for food ect., but if you and I co-operate, we can share and help and, through that a new golden age will be heralded in. If you have enough of suffering, start to think differently and your life will take on a brand new meaning. Who says that crises have to be bad?

Click here to watch 11 minute interview

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