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The Moran Method is based on the concept of four worlds or states. These are:


The Spiritual World,

The Soul World,

The Physical/Natural World &

The Virtual World.


When out of balance, people experience mind states that lead directly to negative perceptions and experiences. Peace of mind is the natural result of achieving better balance across these states. Today we live in primarily the physical/natural world as well as the virtual world. The spirit world underpins and flows through all of life. The world of the soul is made up of mind, will, intellect and emotions.


“Before the material or virtual worlds came into being, our ancestors who lived at that time knew the physical/natural world as well as the spiritual and soul world because those were the only worlds in existence at that time. At a deep and fundamental level, we are powerful, spiritual beings but we need to awaken to this fact. ‘Awakening’ is all about developing an ‘awareness’ of who we really are. We are souls here on planet earth having the human experience and that means that it is the mind, will, intellect and emotions that we need to develop provided we have been awakened to this fact.”


“Right now humanity is at a crossroads because if we see ourselves as just physical beings we are in a spiritless world and we can see the damage this has done to humanity; other life forms as well as the living earth. If we enter the domain of the virtual world we are entering a soulless world. Already we see in this world that some people are losing that vital living connection with others, but most of all, have no idea about the benefits of reconnecting with the spirit and the living earth. Is this to be the destiny for the human species – spiritless, soulless beings trapped in a matrix of their own making? Or, are we going to take the responsibility to look at ourselves genuinely and honestly?”

Video to come very soon

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Moran Method?

The benefits of the Moran Method are amazing! You will understand more about yourself, others and the world around you. Through this Method, you will be able to grasp more about who you want to be and where your purpose in life lies. Through continued support, you will be able to develop your full potential.

What is the purpose of signing up for a 6 month or 12 month package?

One of the challenges when building towards achieving purposeful living is that changes to everyday life have to be undertaken. This can be difficult as you may have to break habits and create new ones. Each monthly call will serve to remind you and show you how to tweak and develop your plan to achieve the goal of where you want to be in life. To be held accountable will keep you focused.

Can I successfully integrate The Moran Method into my hectic schedule?

Absolutely Yes! The Moran Method is designed to integrate into anybody’s lifestyle. After you sign up to work with James, you will be supplied with a specially tailored plan to implement into your everyday life. Depending on which plan you choose, you will receive monthly support. You can read more about the plans available here.

I have friends that would like to meet James to find out more, do you offer Skype group calls?

Yes, we offer group calls! Just send an email via the contact page here.

Do you offer retreats?

During 2018, there are plans in place to offer retreats in Ireland. Send your details to James here if you would like to know more.

How can I contact James?

You can contact James by sending an email via the contact page here.

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