In this blog, I am going to introduce to you a few ways on how you can maintain and improve your vibration. This is relevant to your whether you are experiencing sickness, stress etc. or you just want to maintain and improve your current state.

  • Take a trip to into the natural world: this is one of the simplest and easiest ways you can improve your vibration. Through taking a slow walk in nature, pausing and stopping as you go, close your eyes and take in the sound and smells of nature through your senses. This automatically removes you out of a potentially detrimental state. You may find your mind may be hard to control, but if you persist and focus on the sounds around you, your concentration will move away from detrimental thoughts to a calmer connected state. Undertake this regularly, I would suggest at least once daily or more often if you can. Even if you live in a city, you can use the available city parks and gardens. This activity removes you away from all the distractions of everyday life, such as technology and artificial noise.
  • Listen to high-frequency music: there are certain types of music that are known to cause a detrimental effect on our emotional state. If you refer to recent blogs, you will see I included some videos that I found to be uplifting and positive. When listening to music that is of high frequency, you should feel your emotional state rising. Get with the beat. I have found that using headphones are a fantastic tool for this purpose as all you can hear is the musical vibration and automatically you cannot help but get so involved with the beat. Hip-hop is a style that has a healthy vibration whereas some rock music has the opposite effect.
  • Be aware of what you regularly read or listen to: due to mainstream media content, it is surprising how immune we have become listening to horror stories from the news etc. Just consider how watching such events regularly on our TV screens affect us sub-consciously? Watching horror movies and murder mysteries have a similar effect. The question remains, do you really expect to have a healthy vibration if you regularly allow such into your immediate environment? So, be aware of what you hear, and view on a daily basis.


I am sure many of you know that words have power. Research has shown that when negative words are used, water crystals change into horrible shapes whereas when positive uplifting words are used, water crystals reform into the most beautiful snowflake-like shapes. This shows you that considering our bodies consist of over 90% water, words have a colossal effect on our psyche and ultimately our sub-conscious.

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