Did you know that all life on our planet vibrates at a particular frequency? Every sound that is created is also a form of frequency. I am sure at some stage you have heard the story of the opera singer singing at a high pitch and a wine glass shatters. That is due to the vibrational nature of sound.

When in top emotional, spiritual and physical health, our whole body is vibrating at a higher frequency than when we are experiencing sickness, depression etc. A higher vibration allows for our bodies, both the visible and invisible aspects to resonate at a higher level. When we allow ourselves to be exposed to vibrations that are lower than the well-researched recommended levels, we allow ourselves to be open to emotions that are not healthy and therefore could lead to sickness and problems in our life. While the environment can affect us, we do have the power to not allow it to shape our everyday reality.

During my sickness in 2016 & 2017, I took time to take a look at where my vibration was at. I was keenly aware that tuning into the negative stories and world events of the day were not wise while going through a tough challenge. While I wanted to remain aware of what was happening in my environment, I had to put significant effort into raising my vibration so as to regain my strength and well-being. To be honest, exhaustion can weaken vibration and, in my case, this is what led to me becoming unwell.

Unfortunately, in our world these days, due to the way mainstream media is producing questionable content, it is resulting in the higher vibrational emotions of empathy and compassion being edited out of society. Thankfully there are a significant number of people who choose not to tune into those lower frequencies and instead tune into the higher frequencies of love and compassion. This is where complete health and success lies along with good lifestyle habits.

Based on personal experience, when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, my advice is to be aware of what you tune into. Choose to connect with the higher frequencies out there of love and compassion. Forget the deathly nature of so much of our mainstream media content and instead tune into that which is good, uplifting and constructive.

In tomorrow’s blog, I will offer several practical ways in which you can raise your vibrational frequencies.



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