Over the next number of blogs, I want to share a few of the lessons that I have learned through this past year. While I was consciously aware of such lessons prior to 2016, this past year has really put a new revitalized awareness to the real world understanding of such realities.

When a person gets sick, perceptions change. In a sense, all the fluff of life is removed and the awareness of the rawness and preciousness of life and, what really matters, comes to the fore. The world gets reduced to looking at a malfunctioning body that there was such natural trust in, now, being put into question. Everyday activities are reduced to survival, both in a mental and spiritual sense, never mind the practical.

Yes, I really was put to the pin of my collar to survive this past year, but thanks to holding on to peace within I withstood the pressure. I can’t say it enough, life is sacred. Treasure every moment when you are in full health. Don’t let the pressures of life overtake your naturally calm and peaceful state. Position yourself in a supportive, caring, positive and upbeat environment. Keep connected to those parts of your life that have always inspired you. For me, that could be invigorating discussions, time spent in nature, listening to music with a top-level vibration etc. etc. (I will go into more depth into this subject in a later blog).

I am sure you have heard the adage ‘cherish every moment,’ but listen, and I emphasize this, please cherish every moment. Let go what causes grief and embrace what inspires you. Through that act alone, health can return if sick, circumstances can improve where challenged. It starts with you embracing you 😉. Emotions come and go just like the rain clouds come and go. Distance yourself from your emotions and there you will find a resource lying within that will maintain a peaceful flow. Healthy vibrations are critical to maintain when going through all sorts of challenges.

To complete this ‘lesson’ take a look at this video. I find it hugely uplifting when I feel my vibration isn’t what it could be.



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