During 2016 into 2017, I had to ask myself some very serious questions. If I know so much about Peace of Mind, why did I get sick? Do I really know myself or do I have to get to know a new self? I have concluded that sickness sometimes is due to overwork and, external environmental reasons.

The tendency in life nowadays is that with all the busy-ness of keeping up with every element in our lives that we can easily lose touch with the core of who we really are. I often think back to my youth to the things that excited me and then one day, the demands of life took over which changed everything. I learned over this past year that a valuable step to take is spending time to getting back to the core of who we are, that is, removing the fluff of life and taking time to see where our reason for living lies or putting it in other words, finding and maintaining our purpose.

What happened me is that I got so busy enjoying what I was doing, I forgot to take a little more time out then I should have had. I am thrilled to be still here and I am getting to grips with a new me now. Yes, the world is full of problems these days, but don’t get gripped by it. Get to know yourself, realize your potential and that is the way this human race can explore and grow in a manner that is good for the whole and not just for one.

Sometimes it can be a daunting process to open this door of getting to know yourself. You may find you have stuff to deal with. My advice? Let it all go. Step forward and embrace a new world for yourself. The world needs you to be what you can blossom to become. In these times when so much is up against humanity’s survival, it is our job to welcome in a new era of life, a life that is at its core, real and authentic. I agree, we have huge problems, but each of us can be a solution when we step into the realm of who we really are and that means growing into our purpose. We are all here for a reason, so, get to know your reason for being here on the planet at this time through getting to know and embracing who you are.



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