Lessons from 2016: The Value of a Healthy Vibration – Part 2

Lessons from 2016: The Value of a Healthy Vibration – Part 2

In this blog, I am going to introduce to you a few ways on how you can maintain and improve your vibration. This is relevant to your whether you are experiencing sickness, stress etc. or you just want to maintain and improve your current state.

  • Take a trip to into the natural world: this is one of the simplest and easiest ways you can improve your vibration. Through taking a slow walk in nature, pausing and stopping as you go, close your eyes and take in the sound and smells of nature through your senses. This automatically removes you out of a potentially detrimental state. You may find your mind may be hard to control, but if you persist and focus on the sounds around you, your concentration will move away from detrimental thoughts to a calmer connected state. Undertake this regularly, I would suggest at least once daily or more often if you can. Even if you live in a city, you can use the available city parks and gardens. This activity removes you away from all the distractions of everyday life, such as technology and artificial noise.
  • Listen to high-frequency music: there are certain types of music that are known to cause a detrimental effect on our emotional state. If you refer to recent blogs, you will see I included some videos that I found to be uplifting and positive. When listening to music that is of high frequency, you should feel your emotional state rising. Get with the beat. I have found that using headphones are a fantastic tool for this purpose as all you can hear is the musical vibration and automatically you cannot help but get so involved with the beat. Hip-hop is a style that has a healthy vibration whereas some rock music has the opposite effect.
  • Be aware of what you regularly read or listen to: due to mainstream media content, it is surprising how immune we have become listening to horror stories from the news etc. Just consider how watching such events regularly on our TV screens affect us sub-consciously? Watching horror movies and murder mysteries have a similar effect. The question remains, do you really expect to have a healthy vibration if you regularly allow such into your immediate environment? So, be aware of what you hear, and view on a daily basis.


I am sure many of you know that words have power. Research has shown that when negative words are used, water crystals change into horrible shapes whereas when positive uplifting words are used, water crystals reform into the most beautiful snowflake-like shapes. This shows you that considering our bodies consist of over 90% water, words have a colossal effect on our psyche and ultimately our sub-conscious.

Lessons from 2016: The Value of a Healthy Vibration – Part 1

Lessons from 2016: The Value of a Healthy Vibration – Part 1

Did you know that all life on our planet vibrates at a particular frequency? Every sound that is created is also a form of frequency. I am sure at some stage you have heard the story of the opera singer singing at a high pitch and a wine glass shatters. That is due to the vibrational nature of sound.

When in top emotional, spiritual and physical health, our whole body is vibrating at a higher frequency than when we are experiencing sickness, depression etc. A higher vibration allows for our bodies, both the visible and invisible aspects to resonate at a higher level. When we allow ourselves to be exposed to vibrations that are lower than the well-researched recommended levels, we allow ourselves to be open to emotions that are not healthy and therefore could lead to sickness and problems in our life. While the environment can affect us, we do have the power to not allow it to shape our everyday reality.

During my sickness in 2016 & 2017, I took time to take a look at where my vibration was at. I was keenly aware that tuning into the negative stories and world events of the day were not wise while going through a tough challenge. While I wanted to remain aware of what was happening in my environment, I had to put significant effort into raising my vibration so as to regain my strength and well-being. To be honest, exhaustion can weaken vibration and, in my case, this is what led to me becoming unwell.

Unfortunately, in our world these days, due to the way mainstream media is producing questionable content, it is resulting in the higher vibrational emotions of empathy and compassion being edited out of society. Thankfully there are a significant number of people who choose not to tune into those lower frequencies and instead tune into the higher frequencies of love and compassion. This is where complete health and success lies along with good lifestyle habits.

Based on personal experience, when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, my advice is to be aware of what you tune into. Choose to connect with the higher frequencies out there of love and compassion. Forget the deathly nature of so much of our mainstream media content and instead tune into that which is good, uplifting and constructive.

In tomorrow’s blog, I will offer several practical ways in which you can raise your vibrational frequencies.



Lessons from 2016: Getting to know yourself – again

Lessons from 2016: Getting to know yourself – again

During 2016 into 2017, I had to ask myself some very serious questions. If I know so much about Peace of Mind, why did I get sick? Do I really know myself or do I have to get to know a new self? I have concluded that sickness sometimes is due to overwork and, external environmental reasons.

The tendency in life nowadays is that with all the busy-ness of keeping up with every element in our lives that we can easily lose touch with the core of who we really are. I often think back to my youth to the things that excited me and then one day, the demands of life took over which changed everything. I learned over this past year that a valuable step to take is spending time to getting back to the core of who we are, that is, removing the fluff of life and taking time to see where our reason for living lies or putting it in other words, finding and maintaining our purpose.

What happened me is that I got so busy enjoying what I was doing, I forgot to take a little more time out then I should have had. I am thrilled to be still here and I am getting to grips with a new me now. Yes, the world is full of problems these days, but don’t get gripped by it. Get to know yourself, realize your potential and that is the way this human race can explore and grow in a manner that is good for the whole and not just for one.

Sometimes it can be a daunting process to open this door of getting to know yourself. You may find you have stuff to deal with. My advice? Let it all go. Step forward and embrace a new world for yourself. The world needs you to be what you can blossom to become. In these times when so much is up against humanity’s survival, it is our job to welcome in a new era of life, a life that is at its core, real and authentic. I agree, we have huge problems, but each of us can be a solution when we step into the realm of who we really are and that means growing into our purpose. We are all here for a reason, so, get to know your reason for being here on the planet at this time through getting to know and embracing who you are.



Lessons from 2016: Life is truly sacred

Lessons from 2016: Life is truly sacred

Over the next number of blogs, I want to share a few of the lessons that I have learned through this past year. While I was consciously aware of such lessons prior to 2016, this past year has really put a new revitalized awareness to the real world understanding of such realities.

When a person gets sick, perceptions change. In a sense, all the fluff of life is removed and the awareness of the rawness and preciousness of life and, what really matters, comes to the fore. The world gets reduced to looking at a malfunctioning body that there was such natural trust in, now, being put into question. Everyday activities are reduced to survival, both in a mental and spiritual sense, never mind the practical.

Yes, I really was put to the pin of my collar to survive this past year, but thanks to holding on to peace within I withstood the pressure. I can’t say it enough, life is sacred. Treasure every moment when you are in full health. Don’t let the pressures of life overtake your naturally calm and peaceful state. Position yourself in a supportive, caring, positive and upbeat environment. Keep connected to those parts of your life that have always inspired you. For me, that could be invigorating discussions, time spent in nature, listening to music with a top-level vibration etc. etc. (I will go into more depth into this subject in a later blog).

I am sure you have heard the adage ‘cherish every moment,’ but listen, and I emphasize this, please cherish every moment. Let go what causes grief and embrace what inspires you. Through that act alone, health can return if sick, circumstances can improve where challenged. It starts with you embracing you 😉. Emotions come and go just like the rain clouds come and go. Distance yourself from your emotions and there you will find a resource lying within that will maintain a peaceful flow. Healthy vibrations are critical to maintain when going through all sorts of challenges.

To complete this ‘lesson’ take a look at this video. I find it hugely uplifting when I feel my vibration isn’t what it could be.



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